Usage Instructions:
• Click on the make / model buttons to show or hide a particular boat
• Click on a boat to switch between side and top views
• Click the stats button to reveal key boat information
• Drag boats around to change the order

Recent Releases:
• March 11th 2019: Corrected Stellar SEI 2G image
• November 30th 2018: Added Stellar SEA and Epic V7
• April 10th 2018: Added Epic V10 3G
• January 19th 2018: Added Nelo 520XL
• October 17th 2017: Added Vajda Next

Future Improvements:
• Adding options to align on cockpit, bow and stern
• Make top menu visible when scrolling
• Scale boats to the longest currently displayed

Known Issues:
• You can confuse the horizontal lines if you try
• Epic V10L notes need to be formatted correctly

Created and maintained by David -